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I am a stay at home mom with three teens and a husband that supports my HOBBY!  My goal is to breed and raise a very healthy and happy puppy and to make the transition from our home to your home as easy as possible. We live in West Michigan near Muskegon/Grand Rapids. 
My dogs weigh 9 lbs or less and are all non shedding breeds which is important to me personally as I am not only allergic to cats but dogs as well however I am able to tolerate these types of breeds just fine due to the low dander. I do have a variety of possibilities I can have in mixes depending on who I breed to who.  I have one shih tzu and if I breed her with my poodle then I have shih-poos. If I breed her with my maltese I have Malshi's. Same thing with my maltese or my yorkie.  
The dogs/pups live here in my home. No kennels our outdoor housing. They are loved, well bred pets. 
We live on over 14 acres and the dogs love the country air.  They all live in a pack together and are very happy!  Some have free reign of our family room and of the house and some (the more mischievous ones) are kept off of the family room downstairs and have a doggy door that lets them have access to a very large, grassy dog run.  At night they are put in their individual beds/crates.  
We are also home to a happy flock of chickens.  Started out getting them for the kids/4H and now I am addicted. They are so fun to have and watch.  Plus, they give us fresh eggs every day.
Please read my testimonials and check out the puppy video page. Thank You.  Jodi
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Our home settled on 14 peaceful acres in Michigan
Home visits are welcome here at my home most days/times as I am able to be home with my furry babies as well as my human ones.  Puppies can be seen briefly in person at around 4 weeks of age if you would like to see before putting down a deposit. Pictures will be updated often on my website as well. Occasionaly I will do a new video and post on Puppy video page.  
Please call or email to set up a time that works for both of us as we are a busy family and I have appointments as well as do my kids.  Thanks and God Bless!