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 We purchased our maltipoo from Jodi about a year ago. This was our first experience in getting a dog, and we sure lucked out in finding Jodi. She's extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and was willing to go out of her way to help us with our decision. Another big plus is that her dogs are raised in her home, which allows them to be well socialized with other dogs and people. This made an easier transition for our puppy to live in our home. She also is great about making sure the puppies are up to date on their vaccinations and are in great health. She invited us over to meet the puppies before we made any commitment to purchase one. We were able to see their living conditions, which were excellent. We also had the pleasure of meeting Jodi's family as well as the mother of our maltipoo. We felt very at ease throughout the entire process. So if you are looking for a breeder who goes above and beyond and truly cares about the dogs she raises and people she interacts with, look no further!  
Renee & Mike 
Extremely Satisfied Maltipoo Parents 
I am the happy owner of a female maltipoo named Mieka (aka Dotty to Jodi). She will be two years this summer and she weighs about 4 lbs. Mieka is extremely outgoing, loving and playful. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. I was looking for a very specific color and size maltipoo puppy to match my other two maltipoos. Jodi allowed me to come see her new litter of puppies, see the "parents" of the litter and she also discussed the parents parents sizes/colors. I was very comforted by how prepared, knowledgeable and caring Jodi and her family were with the puppies. If I could convince my parents to get a dog (instead of just occasionally watching the grand-doggies), Jodi would be the first breeder I would contact! Thank you Jodi!  
Sarah W 
Very Satisfied Customer 
sew0730@gmail.com Edit 
I chose to get my dog from Jodi, not only because they were incredibally adoreable, but because she had both parents on site and they were her pets. I got a maltipoo from her in Sept. 2009 and what a joy she has been. She has been the easiest dog I have ever trained and she is just totally special. Extremely smart, and if I could, I would have a companion from Jodi for my sweet Milli right now. Truly, Debbie Williams  
Debbie Williams 
Satisfied Mom 
I recently purchased a puppy in the fall. The experience was wonderful. Jodi is a caring breeder and provides quality care for all of her pups! She was very fair with the price as well as with coordination of the pick up when Rosie was old enough. Jodi provides tips on how to house break puppies that I have used and they work beautifully. At 4 months, my puppy is completely house trained! There were minimal accidents and it was so easy. She gives you all of the necessary paperwork documenting the vaccination schedule and Jodi will contact you if there is any problem at all. I would definitely recommend a puppy from her again as well as recommend her to others interested in smaller dogs!  
Kelly Rich 
Satisfied customer 
We just recently got our Baby Bella from Jodi. Our experience was the best with Jodi. We had gone to visit many breeders before finding Jodi. By the time I meet Jodi I had been to at least 10 breeder’s homes. I would have to say that I was very picky. When I walked into Jodi’s home it was clean and all her dogs where well taken care of. When I meet the mother of Bella, Marley I fell in love!! I tried to talk Jodi into letting me get Marley but she wasn’t going to give her up. Lol I knew at that moment Jodi was the breeder for us. We had to wait for our baby Bella to be born but it was worth every moment. Jodi put up with my outragous number of emails. Myself and my family where excited anticipating her arrival. She answered all my questions and concerns promptly. This was a big deal for my husband and I and our girls.  
Now we have our little girl home and I can’t say enough good things about her. She was instantly potty trained to go outside. She is so smart and loving. Not to mention she is adorable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jodi as a Breeder. When more people meet my Bella I’m sure I will be sending them Jodi’s way. With Jodi you become part of her puppy family :o)
If you have any concerns or want to see Bella’s pictures please contact me.  
Melinda Walkowiak maggiebetsey@yahoo.com
I was fortunate enough to contact Jodi the very day my pup was born. Jodi let me visit the following week (2 litters of gorgeous pups and beautiful moms) and every week until I could take my little girl home. My Bailey is wonderful. Jodi's home is a hard one to leave. I found myself having to drag myself away. All her dogs and pups are great, well-adjusted, happy. I couldn't have asked for a better breeder to find my little darling. Bailey came home with us as if she was meant to be here. No separation anxiety, just excitement to see what comes next. Jodi loves each and every pup and prepares them well for their new life. If you're looking for a new pup, you must take the time to visit Jodi and her loving home. It is truly a treat.  
Barb and Bailey

I recently bought a Maltipoo from Jodi as a surprise for my mother for Mother's Day. The whole experience was wonderful. I had been working with several other breeders and was just about ready to give up. Their dogs didn't look healthy, their homes were filthy, and one even wanted me to pay the entire fee without ever seeing the dog. Jodi was my last chance and how I wish she would have been the first contact I made. She was very friendly on the phone and encouraged me to come to her home and see the pups. I am a nurse and very particular about cleanliness. Her home was extremely clean and her dogs were gorgeous and very happy. They wagged their tails and showered me with kisses. I knew I had found the perfect breeder. She is so kind and very willing to answer all your questions. I made several trips to see the puppy as she grew and she welcomed me into her home. Our puppy has been home 6 days and she is perfect.She hasn't had one single accident. She is the happiest little thing, running playing and wagging her tail constantly. She is a joy to have. My mom has fallen in love with her. They are new best friends. If you are trying to find the best breeder and the best pups you have come to the right website. If you have any questions you can contact me Jane at 248-444-7300
Jodi gave us a wonderful addition to our family. My morkie Lola, is the sweetest and most precious puppy. Thank you Jodi for adding her loving magic to our lives. I know that her demeanor is because of your wonderful nurturing during the first several weeks of her life. God Bless You!
Pics to come!

Monique Dozier
Working with Jodi was a pleasure from the beginning. We have allergy issues, and we wanted to make sure one of her Maltese puppies would not cause any reactions in our family. Jodi invited us to come over and spend time with the puppies and see. We picked up our puppy from Jodi last week, and I'm thrilled to report no problems at all. He is good-natured, playful, and a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much!

Hi Jodi,

Just wanted to check in to let you know how well things are going at our house. Our little Tank (aka Bear) is just the BEST PUPPY EVER - hands down! We went to a different vet today for booster vaccinations, and this vet is completely on board with small breeds and refuses to give multiple vaccinations at once. Yea! He's 4lbs 12oz and growing well. The vet actually was amazed at how sweet Tank is and asked if we'd consider him as a therapy dog. We'll look into it, but I thought you'd be so proud : )

Here's an updated photo I took last night. Thanks again,
Jill, Jeff, Allie & Nate
Hi Jodi,
Just wanted to let you know that we love that little cutie Mya. She is a great addition to our home. She is the queen of the castle.LOL She has this little ball that her and the cat chase around. It is pretty funny, and my other dog is fine with letting her run the house. She has had no problems with adjusting at all. We are so thankful that we found her, she is a great fit. Just wanted to let you know how well she is doing, and how loved she is.

Thanks Again,
Thank you Jodi for a great experience with purchasing our Maltipoo Lexy! You were extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Our Maltipoo has just been fantastic! Words can't describe how smart and lovable this dog is! I highly recommend Jodi to anyone contemplating purchasing a new dog. This is the place to get your dog, don't bother looking anywhere else. You won't be disappointed.

Extremely satisfied owners Matt and Roxy 
Sweet little Lexy....Thanks for the picture!!!!
Spencer got his first haircut and grooming today, and behaved as expected, like a drama king. He screams when he doesn't like something and I mean he really does think the world revolves around him. Everywhere we go, people fall in love with him and he knows it. The groomer said he threw up twice he was so upset which is what he does when he doesn't like something. Total drama.......but he has mastered bell training and goes outside. Very, very few accidents in the house anymore, if any it is a turd near the door.

He has also learned that he gets to go outside when he rings the bell so if he wants my attention, he just starts repeatedly ringing the bell to get me up from what I'm doing then goes out, plays and comes right back in to start the process over. He has a very strong willed personality, which is just like me so hes met his match. LOL. Spencer is very well loved I have to say.

Hope you are well.....take care.

Colleen Biondo
                           SPENCER (maltipoo)
Here is a recent picture of Bandit, a maltipoo that was bought by Renee and Mike.  He is a Sparty!
Hi Jodi,

I just wanted to give you an update. We decided on the name Mojo & it fits him perfectly. He has adjusted wonderfully. He is great with my kids & they absolutely love him. He has been doing really good with potty training. Everything is going great. I am so happy we have him in our family.

Thank you,
Hi Jodi 

Just wanted to give you an update on Pixel. We went to the vet yesterday and she is doing great! She weighs 2.4 lbs. She didn't like the pack-n-play at all cried non-stop for over 2 hours the first night then finally fell asleep for a couple hours. Second night over an hour before my husband said just put her in bed with us! So she got her way and is very happy now and so are we that we can sleep! She is going potty outside really well and even has started to go to the back door on her own. She is very smart. We converted the laundry room for her when we leave and hopefully she will get used to it. If not we at least won't be home to hear her cries! Poor Roxie is not a happy camper! She is very slowly warming up to her. I think that after a couple of weeks when she realizes that she isn't going anywhere they will be just fine. I'll send some pictures soon! Thanks again for our little bundle of joy!

    PIXEL-Tiny Toy YorkiePoo
Hi Jodi,

Lexie is doing soooo well. She was a good little traveler in the car home yesterday. She started shaking just a little about ten minutes into the trip but then snuggled right up on me and fell asleep. She did get car sick one time--poor little thing! By the time we got home, she seemed very comfortable and trusting of both Dave and I. She follows me everywhere, and if I leave the room to go do anything, she is right behind me!! She takes every chance she can get to be on my lap. We are having so much fun with her. Our home feels complete again!!

Lexie did so well last night in her pen. She cried for about two minutes and then stopped and slept for 8 hours. She has gone potty outside every time and has not had a single accident in the house. She is so smart and actually ran to the door and cried this afternoon and went right out and went potty. We have been very impressed with her.

She is on my lap right now. Looks like my laptop has been replaced.

We so enjoyed getting to know you and thank you for providing such an adorable puppy for us to love. I can guarantee she is going to be super spoiled. My husband had said, "No dogs on our bed this time". Last night, I was brushing my teeth and came out of the bathroom and guess who had been put up on our bed??? Looks like Lexie has him wrapped around her little paw.

Have a great weekend.

Hi Jodi
Simon is doing great he is always so happy he plays good and he is doing well with the potty pads. Sammy is really taking to him but she still is going to take time. Thank you for pack and play idea and for our new addition. We love him. Keep you posted.

                   Little Lexie 
Thank you for such a great experience picking up Bella! I appreciated all of the frequent updates and pictures while I anxiously awaited the day when I could pick her up. She has the best personality and is such a great cuddlier. From her social nature, it is obvious that you spent time playing with each of the puppies. Bella is always ready to play with anyone and any dog (big or small!). You went above and beyond preparing me for my new puppy. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents are on the wait list soon for one of your puppies, as they too fell in love with Bella and we wouldn't go to anyone other than you for a future puppy :)

-Abby F.
                   Little Bella (yorkie-poo)
Hi Jodi
I just wanted to update you on Elijah , he is doing GREAT. We all love him very much and he is very spoiled . He is a very smart and outgoing puppy , however he is certainly no great protector lol . He has a lot of personality , and he thinks he's the boss ..... which we have had to let him know otherwise . He is a Mama's boy that is for sure. He just finished with puppy preschool where he learned to be around other people and other puppies and not be afraid. He has went one time to the groomers and had his first trim. He gets along and plays well with our cat . His coloring and markings are beautiful, I sure wish i could get a better pic . for you but he does not hold still long enough for that. He loves the outside , and loves to run. Thanks for everything ..... He sure has brightened our home... The Silvernails
          ELIJAH - YorkiePoo
Hi Jodi,

I have been meaning to send you an update on Lexie and here it is several months later!!

I am absolutely LOVING Lexie. She has grown into such a sweet little girl. She is very attached to me and wants to follow me everywhere. My husband says that she sleeps by the front door when I leave so that she can be right there when I get back home. Too cute!!

Lexie and I went to Puppy Basics class recently. She passed with flying colors. In fact, she won 2nd place in the puppy pushup category (going from "sit" to "down" repeatedly). She beat out all of the big dogs. I have been amazed at how smart she is. She has by far been the easiest puppy we have ever housebroken. She has learned basic commands really quickly. Her favorite game is for me to get her toy basket out and throw her little ball. She will then bring the ball back, put it in the basket and take a toy out and run down the hall waiting for me to throw the ball again. She then drops the toy in the other room and brings back the ball to the basket, and we repeat the sequence. She is very good at scattering her toys all over the place. She also loves her walk that we take every day.

I have had so many people comment on how beautiful she is. In fact, I have given your name and website info to several people over the past few months, most recently to someone in North Carolina where we were on vacation. Lexie is also an awesome traveler. She adapts well to all situations so far (as long as I am there). :)) She is definitely a mommas girl and I love it!

I hope that you and your family had a nice summer. The new puppies on your website are so adorable. You do such a great job with the pictures. How can anyone resist??

Lexie sends kisses.
Lulu with blue collar. Zia with purple collar. Lulu is 4.1 and Zia is 4.3.

Our puppies are doing great! They are 4 months old and growing stronger everyday. The sisters love to play, run and chase each other until they tire themselves out. Then in a moments notice they are out...napping. You would think they were "wind-up" dogs! Lulu and Zia are our 6th and 7th Maltese girls and we are impressed with these two the most. Their personalities are delightful. They are happy, friendly and loving and seem to have a more laid back temperament than any of the other Maltese we have had over the past 30 years. They are ready for bed about 9:30 pm and they wake up about 7:00 am still! They sleep in their own little beds (not caged) in our upstairs hallway. We don't hear a peep out of them all night! And when they wake they are calm. I hear a small bark to let me know they are awake....that's it. I do try to take them out for a potty break mid way thru but sometimes I miss and they surprise me as there are very few mistakes found the next morning. So potty training is going well. I walk them when I get home from work and we usually go a mile and a half. Believe it, there little legs love it. Not sure who is the alpha dog yet as they seem to be quite equal.

Thanks Jodi for breeding such wonderful companions for us to love and care for.
Tricia and Mike Lorenz

PS As you can see in the pictures they have no eye stain.
               Bentley-YorkiePoo 4 1/2 lbs 
Hi Jodi, it was 2011 when my daughter asked for a Morkie. I asked what was that so she explained. So the search was on surfing the internet for a good breeder. I truly believe God lead us to you. Jodi allowed us to purchase a male Morkie which we named Bentley. He's been a joy to our family every since.

Kecia Leavell
Hi Jody,
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Oliver is doing great! He is the love of our lives and is well on his way to being bell trained. He has only had a handful of accidents in the house. He is putting on a little weight and has an appointment tomorrow for his last set of vaccinations.  
He is doing so well we are actualy considering getting him a brother! So please keep us upated on your future Maltese litters. We have attached a couple of pictures and would be willing to be used as a reference if you have the need.
Richard and Sandy Henwood
616 437 5620
Oliver, sleeping on puppy blanket made by Jodi
Hi Jodi

I am finally sending you photos of your previous pup from Pixie and Oliver.
She is such a joy to our family. Friendly, sweet, loyal, with just the right mix of everything I hoped to find in a pup.

Thank you so much for breeding quality pups.

Beth Lightle
Hey Jodi!
  Just wanted to let you know Pepper is doing great! She is getting bigger; 1.8 lbs. at the vet on the 17th! Here is a testimonial about our wonderful experience!

  I first spoke to Jodi on the phone. She took an hour of her time answering all of my silly questions and inquiries! She has a great knowledge of breeding and you can tell she loves ALL of her dogs and puppies!
  I met Jodi in person when I went to her house for a visit to see the mommy and daddy of my soon to be puppy~girl! She keeps a very clean, wonderful home and environment for her dogs (and family!) She kept me updated as the puppies were being born; letting me know what colors and sexes they were. She also sent me weekly photos of our little Pepper while she was growing!
  When the puppies were 4 weeks old I had my second visit to see our new addition! All the puppies were healthy and so cute and tiny! I would have taken them all if my husband would have let me!!! I stayed and played with them for over an hour! I didn't want to leave!
  When we came to pick Pepper up we received a gift bag with a folder that included all of her vet records and information on how to care for our new puppy. She also gave us a bag of food, toys, and the oh so important puppy blanket with her mommy's scent on it! Jodi answered all of our questions and still does to this day if I have any concerns or questions.
  I have had a couple puppies in the past but none that transitioned to our home as easily as Pepper. Her first night I held her wrapped in her puppy blanket until she fell asleep and put her in her carrier. She only cried when she woke up and had to go potty. I would take her to her pee pad, then she would fall back to sleep and go back in her carrier. She had already started potty training on a pee pad before we brought her home. We have continued using the pads because it is too cold for her outside being so tiny! She only has a few accidents here and there and she is only 11 weeks old!
  We had a great experience getting our precious Pepper! I will never get another puppy from anyone else!
  Thanks Jodi!!!
~Liz Darling & Family

I'll send more pictures soon!!!

Pepper-Teacup Parti Color YorkiePoo
Hello Jodi,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for our new family member Toby. Our entire experience with finding Toby and taking him home has been nothing but a great experience. Your caring touch, love for your animals, knowledge and guidance has exceeded our expectations. We have heard horror stories of other breaders and we have nothing but great things to say about you and your animals.
The information package we received when we picked him up was more than useful. We took the care (information paperwork, toys, bag of puppy food and a handmade blanket slept on by Toby's mom) that you provided on the day we took Toby home with us to our vet and she was very impressed with the accuracy in your recommendations and care package. Toby was on great puppy food, in great health and happy.

Thanks again for everything you have given us and the many years of wonderful experiences we will continue to have.

Warm regards,

E. Sevastian and family.

My wife and I were looking for a companion dog for Duncan so that he would have a playmate. We found several breeders but it just did not feel right. We were fortunate when we found Jodi. From the very beginning, we felt comfortable with Jodi. From our conversations with Jodi, we knew that she was the breeder for us. 
When we picked up Bailey, Jodi provided us with all the information that we needed to know. We had several questions for her a couple of days later and Jodi was more than willing to answer them. 
When we brought Bailey to our vet she said that Bailey was well taken care and Jodi was doing a good job as a breeder. Our vet also noticed that Bailey was well socialized towards people and other dogs.
We would highly recommend Jodi as a breeder because she has a genuine love for her puppies. 
Mike and Sandra Della Rosa
Bailey-Black and White Maltipoo
Hi Jody!!!!!

I'm on my phone... So sorry for the grammar mistakes! Hailey and I are still in Texas!!  

School is awesome and my baby is doing so great!! She is my baby!! Jody --this little girl brings so much pleasure to my life and I am so glad we found each other! She has grown into the absolute sweetest and most importantly KINDEST being I have ever met. To this day she has never one time growled or nipped at me or anything. She is never ever mad or moody. Believe it or not... She has zero mischievous side to her either. When she was a puppy she was but now she literally never ever does anything she knows she's not supposed to. She doesn't even bark --only to talk to me!

She is so playful..gives kisses when you ask..has a vocabulary out of this world. She has an obsession with toothbrushes and loves honey. 

I hope you continue breeding because in another year or do I want to get her a brother. We talked about it--she's cool with it! Lol. 

Here are some pics. I will have to send them separately from my phone. Sometimes I cut her hair short..sometimes long.. Just depends!

I hope you and your family are well and THANK YOU for the email!!  

Stephen Miller
Hi Jodi, just thought I would take a minute and update you on Ollie. He is now over 5 months old, he just got neutered and chipped, and he did real well. We attended a puppy class with him at pet smart, and met a lot of people that I have sent your way. They all just thought he was the sweetest and cutest little dog ever. He is so smart. He was basically potty trained the very day we brought him home (maybe 5 accidents, total). He has learned tons of tricks, so many that I am running out of things to teach him. The whole family just adores him. He is definitely spoiled, but only in good ways. I just can't thank you enough, I just couldn't image my life without him now.

Dawn Smith

Hi Jody,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to email you about how Monroe is doing...........She is literally the apple of my eye.....I love her so much, she has the best personality. She is beautiful......I was saying that to her and my boys yell at me and say, "I think she knows that by now Mom" only because I say it to her all the time....lololo....She comes to work with me every day and sits or sleeps on my chair with me....She usually takes up most of the chair though..........lol....I noticed that within a day or two she kept itching her ears really bad, most I took her to the vet and she had a little ear infection.....The doctor gave me some ear drops and it was all better......When I took her in to the vet she weighed 4lbs. and 1.8 oz..... but now that she is feeling a little better she has definitely got her appetite back.....She does wonderful on her potty pads.......(thank you so much for that).....and you know I was worried about taking her out of your home because that was her only home and I didn't want her sad, but she really did so well with the transfer, it was amazing......My other dog still doesn't want much to do with her...........although he will actually look at her now....and sniffs her once in a great while, but that's all......he growls at her if she gets to close to my one son.....he is overally protective......I am hoping in time that he will play with her and they can become friends......I have to go on a trip to see my dad, he isn't doing well, he has pancreatic cancer.....and I am actually taking her with me to go see my parents.....they know how I am with my animals (especially her) hahaha..........I don't call her Monroe, I'm sorry I know you loved that name....but I call her sweetie mostly or Missy.....although she will answer to anything almost because I have accidentally called her "Sophie" which was my other Maltese's name and she still comes running............I just wanted you to know that she is very very loved and taken care of extremely well......She get lots of attention all day long......So thank you again for raising her the way you did, I could not have asked for a better little dog..... I will keep in touch.
Dee DeJonge
Hey Jodi!
  I just wanted to send you some updated photos of Pepper! She is so sweet and loves to cuddle! She is still very spunky and loves to play! She is 3lbs and it's all attitude! Lol!
  I hope you are doing well!!
***Love Her***Thank You***So Cute***

Liz Darling & Family
Hi Jodi. Here is Ziggy. He is such a cutie with a personality to match. He is about 5 pounds now and needs a haircut. Lol


Hi Jody,

We took Delilah (previously named Emmy) a few weeks ago. She is doing great! She just got her third set of shots and is starting puppy kindergarden soon. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful and fun dog. We absolutely love having her around.

Jill and Kelsie
Hi Jodi-

I sent the papers on Monday, so you should have them soon. Vader is doing really well, the first few nights were tough, but he slept through the night last night. The girls are absolutely in love with the little guy and he has own over all the kids in the neighborhood as well

His appetite is just ok, he is eating, but I had to add in some of the wet food for him as well. I am hoping that it picks up again once all of the excitement winds down. I took him to the vet today and he got a clean bill of health- she is also I'm favor of spacing out vaccinations for him

I'll send you a picture of him with my youngest, she never wants to put him down. She is quite in love!!

Thanks again for a wonderful puppy. I'll keep you updated and send more pictures as he gets bigger-

Hi Jodi!
My reply is late-we just got home from the lake yesterday and I'm exhausted!
We kept the name Teddy-he does look like a tiny Teddy Bear so we didn't feel the need to change his name!
Teddy has adjusted to our home marvelously! He is a delight to all of us-he is sleeping through the night in his cage (stays dry) and has settled into a routine very easily.
He's eating well, plays with all his toys, has learned to "fetch" his little tennis balls-brings them back too-he's doing great! Of course everyone LOVES him to death so he has no shortage of attention!
We are working on house breaking. We are using the strip of bells-I bought them at PetSmart and watched the video that came with it.
I will keep you posted! FYI at least 4 people have asked me for your phone number! I gave them the website address!

​Well I think we are keeping Charlie Charlie. We can't get used to Chessie and he looks like a Charlie. First two nights have been awesome. We made them their own puppy room. Our computer room. We made puppy safe. Put a crate in their and their toys and grass pad. They seem to go in there fine when
Then need to Potty or rest. They have been great potty training. My house is all wood floors so easy to spot if they tinkle on floor. They also have a puppy pen
Set up outside in grass. They love playing out there too. They have warmed up. They are very cute and loving. I wish we took the whole litter. They are great together. Glad we decided on both. Thankyou. The first day pax couldn't keep any food down. He threw up everything he ate. I think it was nerves. Crazy day for him. But has been fine all day yesterday and today. I thought maybe it was the wet food but he kept it down this morning. I gave them a half can this morning to try. Yesterday they just ate dry food all day.  

Thankyou. Will keep
You posted!!!

​Hello Jodi!
  I wanted to give any an update on Cruise. He is a great puppy and we are very very happy with him. He weighs 3.8 lbs. and is completely potty trained. We get nothing but compliments everywhere we take him. I will try to send a picture, I am just not good with sending pics on the iPad.  

Hi Jodi!
We decided on Leo short for Leonardo cuz he's such a lover ;) he favors the girls in our family and of coarse my son.
He's doing great! Still house training but every day making progress.

Thank you! Hope all is well with you.


Hi Jodi!!! OMG! I am so bad with pictures because I don’t have such a nice phone (IPHONE) but I will soon get a nice phone so I can send to your website. Nina is doing sooooo very well. Completely potty trained on the indoor grass of hers, she loves her bicycle basket, her red purse to which she goes nuts whenever she sees me packing it to jump right in there!! LOL and she loves her booster car seat I have for her too. She loves the wind blowing in her face while we go run errands in the car. Today is her second round of her final puppy wellness and then the very last one on Saturday and she weighs 3.3 pounds!
I will send pictures very soon. So sorry. I will never forget you. 
Elsie Diaz |
Nina-teacup maltipoo
Jodi -

I can't thank you enough for the precious gift you have given our family.

My boys are so happy and many family members called us via FaceTime last night to meet Jaxson.

His travel yesterday was fantastic. He even made it in the cockpit of the airplane for pictures after his flight. The Pilots wanted pictures. His temperament is perfect for our family.

He LOVES Carol!!!! We stopped for gas and a bathroom break yesterday and when she got out of the car, he watched her walk away and cried until she got back.

His first night went really well. He really settles in and relaxes with his blanket. He cried only for about 15 minutes and then went to sleep.

Below is a picture of our baby. We will keep you updated with pictures and his growth.

Thank you so much once again. What you do for families like ours will always be cherished and appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Jodi!
I bought a pup from you this summer and I just wanted to let u know how much I love having him! Having this little nut around is so much fun and he's such a lover. Hope all your pups are doing well!
Kelly Dery

Our Halloween costume of batman (that's his name) and Catwoman :)

He is great with kid's and is so much fun. We love him. :)
Thanks for everything. 
​Red toy poodle out of Cearra
Jodi -

Just a quick update on Jaxson. He is doing Great! All house trained and he has completed 2 puppy training classes. He loves being with other dogs and we have found a good group for him to play with. He runs for the door to go for walks and play outside. He has really turned out to be a sweet little guys who loves to play.

Thanks for all you do!

Pete Faller

Here is Bandit mid March graduating from puppy training at Pet Smart. He is very smart and learning well! Thanks so much for this beautiful puppy! Denise

I meant to send you a pic when she turned 1 year!
She's a doll.

Linda C  (sending pic of Libbi)
Good afternoon Jodi:
I just want to thank you again for giving me such a bundle of JOY! Marley is so precious.
Thought you’d like to see some pics.
How’s the kitchen going?
Have a good weekend!
Sue Hamberg
Hi Jodi,
Just wanted to send you an update on Maizie (Holly) and to thank you for this beautiful little pup. She is eating well and had her first vet check last Friday and is now 2.5 lbs.
The vet said she looks great and that it appears she came from a very caring breeder. 
She settled in very quickly and is in no way timid, even the vet commented on her very outgoing personality. It took about a week, but my older dog is becoming more comfortable around her and they are now playing together, so all my fears are gone. The potty training is still a work in progress, but we will get there eventually. 
I am so very grateful that I came upon your website, you made me feel very confident about you and your puppies. You were very accommodating in meeting my friend at the airport with Maizie, the whole experience went well.
As you know, we just won our 5th Super Bowl & I believe Maizie may have been our lucky charm. 
Thank you again. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Maizie is an apricot maltipoo puppy
My husband and I are overly ecstatic and in love with our red toy poodle we bought from Puppytots who we named Flash! We literally get asked daily wherehim. Plus, our friend got Flash’s sister Pippi and she says she gets stopped all the time by people wanting to know where they can get a pup like that. Not only are these pups beautiful (see pics, Teddybear haircut), they are so smart, healthy, well behaved (we take that credit), and playful. We are over joyed at our decision to go with Jodi at Puppytots! Jodi was very easy to work with, honest, and delivered on everything she promised! We never worried about anything! I especially loved her delivery service, well worth it! Flash and Pippi keep us laughing and have brought both our families so much joy! Thank you Jodi!!!

Michelle Marto 
I wanted to send a new picture of the girls, Ruby & Pearl. We absolutely love them! ❤️❤️
They are my life. They are so smart and well mannered. Good genes !
Omgosh! Personality wise, kinda the same, however, Pearl acts like she’s a “big” dog! Pearl chases ANYTHING!! She once went after a deer and we chased her 3 lots down. Mike found her under a pine tree sitting. The deer and her were on a stare down.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 
They play and wrestle together. 
They are so loved here. ❤️❤️
They are Packers fans too! I’ll send a pic of them in their cheerleading outfits. 

Laurie & Mike Demro
Hi Jodi!
I wanted the share some recent photos of Rudy! He is so adorable and keeps us all entertained. He’s over 3 lbs now! Just wanted to let you know he’s doing great and we truly enjoy having him in our family!
After loosing my beloved Cocker Spaniel, I became very depressed, and after researching I decided that the Maltese breed would be a great match for me. I was looking for a Maltese companion for a while, and I came across puppytots website. I contacted Jodi, and told her that I was looking for a female small Maltese, sweet, non-dominate with a pretty face and good temperament. Jodi really cares about her puppies, I could not fly out to her , and she arranged for one of her puppy nannies to hand delivered them to me here in Boston, As people say : " Maltese are like potato chips - you can't just have one" . So, a year later I decided to adopt a little companion for my Amoreena, and Jodi again, matched me with the sweetest, funniest and happiest little boy. Bennie also has the cutest face. They are both my models for my pet clothing line. Their coat are silky, and super white. I am very proud to have them as my fur babies. They are spoiled. I couldn't be happier with them. I am planning to get two more puppies from Jody. She is the a great breeder who listens to your needs, who cares where her babies are going to, and she is always there to give you advise.

Thanks Jodi for breeding beautiful fur babies.  

Sonia Santos, 
Boston, MA
Hi Jodi,

Just want to tell you what a sweet dog this is, although I know you know that. He is smart too. He already will play ball and fetch it and bring it to you. He just seems so happy! We are working on potty training....I think him being five months old helps as he’s pretty good—-he’s had very few accidents. We take him out and give him treats when he goes outdoors. The last two nights he has slept in our bed and we all like that! We got a playpen for dogs and put him in it when we had dinner, but that was the only time and otherwise he has the run of the first floor. When he naps, it’s often on a fluffy mat in the kitchen in front of the raised fireplace. I also think that your raising him in a family setting, with other dogs and a cat have all helped him be very mellow and sociable. He is obviously a product of good breeding! (You may quote me on your website.). Thanks, Marty and Dave  

Zorro, now named Toto
Hi Jodi. Never took the chance to tell you what a beautiful dog cheddar/oney is. This pic is from early April. He is truly the most perfect beautiful pup. 
Elissa carey

I cannot thank you enough for these exceptional puppies. They are a dream! It is very evident they got very loving care. I put them to bed in the same crate, they went through the night without issues and went potty outside when I got them up. They go to the bathroom every time I take them outside! Also, they fetch a ball! They are both Velcro babies and they only eat out of my hand. I hope they will switch to eating out of the dish.
Finley-Yorkiepoo                 Quincy-Toy Poodle
It is difficult to find the words that describe our gratitude to our breeder Jodi Bundy. Jodi has gone above and beyond our expectations. Jodi is knowledgeable, solid, dedicated and a loving breeder. 
We were so fortunate to have found “Puppytots” through our dear friend Beth. Beth had posted a picture of her new Maltipoo puppy, Rosie, on FB and, I immediately fell in love. 
Jodi is the most ethical and dedicated breeder you will ever find! Jodi is not just breeding dogs, but beautiful, loving, sweet natured, smart and a healthy family member(s)! Oakley our new Maltipoo puppy is the biggest blessing for our family and we could not love him any more! He has the sweetest temperament and he is an adorable gorgeous puppy.
When taking Oakley to his first vet appointment I had all the paperwork given to me from Jodi for Oakley’s health clearances, and, complete lineage information. Even our vet was in awe of the attention to detail. 
Jodi’s love and knowledge of Maltipoos is evident when you meet them (and Jodi too!). 
They are such beautiful puppies. And those faces! Perfect. Just perfect. Jodi is always there to answer questions, give helpful advice. Her home is very clean and welcoming. We couldn't ask for more! We will be forever thankful to Jodi and all the joy for competing our family!"
Not only is our puppy the most beautiful puppy we have seen, his temperament and manners are perfection. We bought Oakley a metal crate only to sleep in. When my husband and I go to bed, so does Oakley. We tell Oakley it’s time to go night-night and by the second night he walked right into his crate and laid down. Oakley has never cried, whined, yelped or anything else. And, he’s never had an accident in his crate. We do not feed Oakley any table food, so he doesn’t beg. He’ll either go off and play with his toys while we’re eating or we place Oakley in his Grayco Pack n Play where he falls asleep. He is an amazing puppy! Oakley is learning new commands with just praise, not treats.
While we waited patiently as to when we could bring our new puppy home, Jodi always kept us up to date by posting darling pictures and videos on her website. They were ever so sweet. 
Jodi has been there for us every step of the way. We feel so comfortable knowing we can contact her at any time and will be there to answer any questions we have, along with giving us guidance with any concerns that may arise. Finding and selecting a breeder is very stressful and we are beyond pleased with the choice we have made. Jodi is a breeder that truly loves her puppies. Our little boy Oakley is a dream come true and we will forever be grateful to “Jodi/Puppytots”. 

Peggy and Keith Krinn

Hi Jodi
Just a quick update. She only pottied 2x in her pen at night when I first brought her home. Took out the piddle pads and she holds it all night. Only 2 accidents in house a while back and is now very good. Eating fine. She is SO SMART !!!!. Very easy to train. Starting to sit and lay down on command. Knows the word NO as all puppies need to learn first! Lol. 
Tiffany likes her as long as she is not trying to bite play! Lol. Toodles loves her as one would expect. She is not afraid of anything. Loves going to my shop everyday to meet and greet and all my customers love her. 
Went to vet for her check up and did fine. 
Thanks again for such a great lil addition to our family. 
We love her! 
Oakley, a maltipoo out of Candi 
Toodles, poodle from Tippi
I couldn’t hardly wait for Scarlet to arrive and she was well worth the wait. Jodi sent all her things with her nanny and the nanny took great care of her on her trip. She is a healthy , super sweet , playful girl and a great addition to our family / doggy family. Has adjusted wonderfully and loves to play with our other dogs. 
Carol F. in Texas
We absolutely ADORE this precious little fellow. He is about 3 1/2 lbs, cute, sweet, smart, & loves both Gary & me equally. Gary has already taught him tons of tricks & he literally seems to understand everything we say or even think.
Thank you so much for the “JOY” that you have made possible in our lives.

We LOVE our Morkie, Molly (Tilly)! What a 6 pound bundle of joy!
Jodi was so helpful on the phone and so welcoming when we went to visit the puppies in her home.
She was patient and let us take our time with Molly so we could be sure she would be a good fit for us.
I got to hold Molly's dad for about 15 minutes. He had such a sweet personality! And, now Molly, shows many of her Dad's traits.

Molly is energetic, curious, and also loves to snuggle and take naps. Molly gets along great with our cat, Abbey.
She loves to take socks out of the laundry basket and hide the socks under chairs and the kitchen table.
I know if I don't put the laundry basket on the floor and walk away, Molly will get first dibs and grab and hide as many socks as she can. Too funny!

We are so thankful we found Jodi. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive to get to Ravenna, but it was worth the time.
Jodi was very thorough in the information she shared about Molly. We first saw Molly at 8 weeks and needed to wait 12 weeks until she was old enough to find her forever home.
And, now she is part of our family and brings us much joy.

Thank you, Jodi!
Rick and Marilyn 
Shelby Township, Michigan
Just wanted to give you an update on our sweet Ruby. She arrived happy and sleepy last month from your puppy nanny. She is just so sweet, she feel asleep in my daughter’s arms all the way home. She is so well adjusted! Ruby is a snuggle bug and loves to play. She’s smart too...and loves to please! We can’t thank you enough for our precious Ruby! She is truly the perfect puppy! 

Sharon Luquer
Hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to send you a photo of Bogart, the toy poodle I got from you last year. He will be 1 year old May 12th. I am totally in love with him. He is the sweetest, most perfect little boy anyone on this planet could wish for. There aren't enough words to explain how much he is loved and he returns the love just as much. God bless and keep you all. You are the best breeder I've met. Thank you so much.

Courtney Whorton
Pigeon Forge, TN
Hello Jodi, 
I've always meant to write a testimonial about my wonderful experience finding my Yorkie poo She's the perfect fur baby for me. 
My little girl was I believe the last of Pixie and Loki. Her and her brother were born December 15th 2017. She's now almost 2 1/2 years old. 
My journey began searching websites. I had many questions which you were always happy to answer. You're responses very timely. I felt comfortable and confident after my research and our interactions that you as a person and conscious breeder were the real deal. 
When I came out to meet Violet, her parents and her beginnings. You were warm and kind. The play area for all the puppies and how they interacted with each other and you was priceless. I knew right then she was the one! I had very little problem with potty training. She's smart and so good with my young grandbabies a wonderful companion for myself and family. 
When picking her up you had a goodie bag with food, toys and a blanket with her mother's scent. All very unexpected and thoughtful. When I brought her to my Vet he asked what she was eating. When I told him his response was, "she came from a very good breeder."
I've given many people your website as a trusted breeder. 
Violet is the best little girl. I would definitely be a customer again. You're welcome to use me as a reference. 
Thank you so much,