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Higgins and Chanel had two apricot maltipoos with white markings.  Only female available.
Kelsie and Bugatti have a beautiful apricot maltipoo girl.  
Maddie and Bugatti had a litter of maltipoos. All girls reserved.  Cherie is a light red and reserved for Beth. Tia is a creamy white and reserved-Linda in N.Jersey
Bridgett and Monster have two boys and two girls.  First pick male -Janice L.   
             Reserved for Kerri
Available. $1700  She should be around 5 lbs.
Reserved for Nancy
Cherie is a very dark apricot - Beth in Florida
Reserved for Penny
Apricot boy should be 5 lbs.  $1600
Apricot boy w/white markings $1600
Bella is an apricot girl with white markings. She is $1700 and available.  Ready around Christmas/NewYEar.
Beatrice is available and should be 5 lbs.  In this photo her eyes are not quite opened yet. $1700