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Bellamy and Monster have three boys. DOB 6-5-19
​All are on hold.  
Apricot boy #1 is a nice apricot color.  He has a small V of white on his forehead.  Dark pigment is in and eyes opened.  BARB RESERVED THIS BOY.
Bellamy boy 2 has no white on his head or face but does have some on his chest.  VERY nice black pigment as well.  Eyes are opened.  He is currently tearing as his baby teeth are painfully breaking through.  Kathy reserved this boy.
Bellamy and Monster's last boy is a little smaller than his littermates.  He has the most white as well. He looks to have it on his face, toes and chest. His eyes are also tearing and his pigment is still coming in.  Cheryl reserved this baby boy.
Bella and Loki have a darling litter of two boys and two girls.  DOB 6-8-19 Gary & Michelle 1st pick female  Celest 2nd pick female  Regina 1st pick male  Alisha-2nd pick male
Boy  #1 is the darker boy of the two.  He looks to be mostly solid in color but does have a white chest.
Bella's lighter boy is a nice solid apricot.  His pigment is getting nice and dark.  He is darling.  He looks to have some white on his chest too.
Bella and Loki have a nice apricot girl.  She is the darker of the two. THis is girl #1.  She has a smidge of white on her forehead.  She may get a little white on her toes.  Dark pigment. Reserved for Michelle
Bella's lighter girl has black pigment already.  She does not look like she has any white as of yet but still could show up. Reserved for Penny
​Lexie and Monster have a nice litter of 2.  One boy and one girl.  DOB 6-13-19  Boy Kelly A.  Girl Ashley Z. 
Lexi's little boyl has nice light apricot coloring and very dark pigment.  He should darken as his hair grows in.
Lexi's little girl is a nice darker apricot with a smidge of white on her forehead.  She is a doll.  Her pigment us coming in nicely. She has white on her feet.
Candi and Loki had a litter of maltipoos on the same day as Lexi.  She also had two but all girls. Her pups have wavier hair and their color will darken as they get older.  DOB 6-13-16  Girl 1st pick Sheila  2nd pick Lura Lacki

This is Candi's girl #1.  She is a beautiful creamy apricot.  She should continue to darken.  Her pigment is coming in great and she has such nice wavy hair.
This is Candi's girl #2.  She is a shade darker than her sister and pigment is mostly in.  She has nice wavy hair and will be adorable.
Asia and Monster have a variety of color in thier litter together.  DOB 6-16-19  Three girls and one boy.  Boy-Andrea  Sandy-parti girl  .  White girl SOLD.  Light cream girl AVAILABLE
Asia has one little boy and he was last born. He is a gorgeous black and red phantom with white chest.  He is a stunner just like his mom.
This sweet baby is a nice light creamt color.  Seeing no white at this time but that could change. She has incredible dark pigment and getting long wavy hair. SHE IS AVAILABLE.
This polka dotted little girl is adorable.  She reminds me of my Lola with her markings.  She is gorgeous.  She is getting phantom markings. Can't wait to see how that continues to develop.
This little girl is a wee one.  She looks like she is getting a little cream markings around her ears/head.  She is going to be a little one when all grown up.  Her pigment is really darkening up now.