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Previous Maltipoo litter in their expandable crate.
Loki and Kelsie had one little boy and two little girls Feb. 17th.  All are sold.
These Maltipoos are all sold.  If interested in a future maltipoo from me, contact me.  I should have more sometime this Spring. COntact me if interested.  Olivia and Candi will be bred for maltipoos this month or next.
The only boy in the litter is Cupid.  Cupid was the last puppy born in the litter and also the smallest.  He is growing and catching up to his sisters.  He has a large white spot on his forehead which usually means he will end up with white markings.
He is reserved/sold to Brianne
Sugar is a very nice apricot girl from Kelsie.  She looks like she will have some white markings on her and should also continue to darken as her hair grows longer.  She has incredibly dark, beautiful black pigment already.  She is a stunner.  She is sold/reserved.
Candy is probably the darkest apricolt/red maltipoo I have had so far.  One photo is showing her darker as the flash did not go off but I loved the photo and used it anyhow.  She looks like she will have white feet.  She and her sister are about the same size.  She is reserved/sold.