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Previous Maltipoo litter in their expandable crate.
Monroe and Loki had two little creamy apricot boys.  Both are reserved.
Copper is a gorgeous apricot maltipoo.  He should be 6 lbs or a little smaller.  He is on hold for Jamie.
Cider is a handsome apricot maltipoo with white markings beginning to appear.  He is sold to Karen B in NJ.
Brittany and Loki had a litter of apricot maltipoos.  Both are reserved.
Christopher is a very dark apricot maltipoo who sold to Tim.  He should be around 6 lbs.  He will be ready around Christmas.  He is on hold.
Kringle is a light apricot  boy who should be around 5.5 lbs. He will be ready to go home around Christmas. He is reserved for Timothy
Murphy is a beautiful apricot maltipoo.  She has a home with the Alexanders.  Guessing she will be 6-7 lbs.
Loki and Olivia had just one little boy.  His name is Rudy.
He is available at this time.