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Welcome to Puppytots!
Puppytots is a small, in home breeder, hobby of Maltese and red toy poodles along with designer mixes.  All of our dogs and puppies live with us in our home and are loved and spoiled.  Our maltese are sold with limited AKC unless I make an exception.  Full AKC is an option for an additional fee.
Please explore this site to learn more.  

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See the Expecting page for more info on the pups and breedings.  Call if you have any questions

 Coming this wintere should be Maltipoos, morkies and poodles.  
Contact me if interested.

Deposits/holding fees on pups is $300-$500.  I CANNOT HOLD ANY PUP FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. If you would like to put a deposit on an expecting litter please contact me. PLEASE SEE EXPECTING PAGE FOR UPCOMING LITTERS/LITTER NEWS and PRICES!!!!!!!!! RESERVE YOUR PUP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
​Puppies cannot go to their new homes until at LEAST 8 weeks old but usually stay 9-10 weeks.
All puppies will come with the following:
*info on housetraining and how to care for your pup
*puppy blanket with momma's scent on it to help with the transition from our home to yours
*sample of premium puppy food
*vaccinations up to date
*tail docked (if morkie or toy poodle)
*full vet exam
*one year limited health guarantee
*puppy toys
*email and phone support.  ANYTIME. 
                      BOY - VS - GIRL
One reason people sometimes consider getting a girl is that they feel a girl will be sweeter or more loving however, females are usually more independent and stubborn than the males. Females are much more intent upon showing their dominance by participating in behaviors such as fighting to establish who is in charge. I have had to occasionally break up a tussle or two and they were between girls not boys.
Males, on the other hand, are usually more affectionate, outgoing, attentive, and seek your attention more often.. They are very attached to their people but are also very loving to others as well.  Girls usually have their "favorite" and snub the rest. Boys can also be more accepting of other pets. Most boys are easily motivated by praise, and are very eager to please which makes training easier. Neutered males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as "marking" or lifting their leg. Boys who are neutered early (by 5 months of age) usually don't ever raise their leg to urinate 
since they no longer have the higher testosterone level of an "intact" dog.  The house training of a neutered male is no different than the house training of a female.
One reason a female is sometimes chosen is so that it can wear bows and can be dressed up. There is now a variety of choices of clothing and accessories for both boys and girls at pet stores and pet boutiques.
No matter which you choose, since it is YOUR adorable baby - you will love it and he/she will love you in return!!!!! A puppy of either sex will be a wonderful friend for many 
years, bringing you joy and unconditional love.

I specialize is very well bred puppies of the Maltese breed and also of the maltese mix.  My maltese have little to no eye stain and have the tiny noses, black pigment where appropriate and silky straight hair. My maltese are sold with limited AKC papers only. NO EXCEPTIONS!

When using the Yorkshire terrier and the maltese I breed for very unique colors of morkies that include parti color (black, brown and white), golden, platinum and chocolate.  I do sometimes get traditional colors as well. 

My maltipoos are exceptional however I am always looking to improve, improve, improve!  Very excited to see my new poodle stud's puppies with my girls next year!  My female maltese do not have eye tear staining and I am trying to get that with my maltipoos. 

I have also decided breed some exceptional toy poodles, primarily red.  Ceara is a champion sired AKC red toy poodle. She is no ordinary girl though.  She is my AKC champion sired girl and is extremely smart and has the best temperament EVER!  Her personality shines through her puppies . She is prcd-PRA Clear.  
Pixie & Oliver tri color morkie from previous litter. 

WE PREFER ALL PUPPIES TO BE PICKED UP IN PERSON OR WE MAY BE ABLE TO DRIVE and MEET YOU FOR ADDITIONAL FEE. WE CAN ALSO MEET YOU IF YOU WISH TO FLY INTO GRAND RAPIDS AIRPORT (GERALD FORD) or I or my husband may be able to deliver your new baby to an airport near you.  Airline fees paid by buyer.